Artist Statement

                  I believe in the importance of the invisible                  
                  and that we do not only see through our eyes.  
                  What interests me most is the very quiet,                  
                  that which happens in the in-between.
                  In my photographs I collect what enchants me.

                   Exhibitions, Prizes and Publications

                  2018 Group exhibition Fast Fashion. With: „Die Lebendigkeit des Seins“ in Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Köln
                  2018 Group exhibition „Misunderstanding Photography Magazine“ in Cinenova, Köln
                  2019 Group exhibition „Fragen für alle“. With:  „Variationen des Tastens“ in Artrmx, Köln
                  2020 Group exhibition „Yes I said yes“. With: „Mehrere Versuche das Innen im Außen zu finden“ in Projektraum Omen, Köln
                  2020 Group exhibition „Teranga“. With: „Somnambule“ in  Kolbhalle, Köln 
                  2021 Group exhibition „Theirstory month“ at Ebertplatz, Köln
                  2021 Second Place „Froschkönig C-Edition“ Award for Sustainable Design WiSe 20/21, with „Man Ray et la Mode“, ecosign, Köln
                  2021 Open-Air Exhibition with „Kleiderordnung“ at „Zusammen Leuchten“ Festival, Bonn

                  2021 Publication „Dress Code“ in „TEMA#4 Matriarchy – What if society was built around women?“, TEMA Magazine
                  2021 Publication „Kleiderordnung“ in „Kwerfeldein – Magazin für Fotografie“
                  2021 Publication „Dresscode“ in „Curated by girls – art platform promoting female-identifying & non-binary creators from all over the world“
                  2021 Feature in „Pineapple Road Press“ Magazine: „Under her Gaze we feel golden“
                  2021 Feature in „Kiosk Magazin“
                  2022 Further 03 Fotobus Society at Verlag Kettler
                  2022 Decalogue Magazine „In eternal Luminosity“ 
                  2022 FRESH EYES European Talent